*set show 2 *echo Calculate with Fundamental Constants Enter below a function using normal fortran notation (e.g., .5*g*x^2, note: "^" = "**" is OK; the mass of 1 amu is 1.66054E-27 kg = 1.66054 × 10-27 kg; trig functions like sin and asin = sin-1 = arcsin are designed for radian measure; sqrt(1/(mu0*epsilon0)))


Non-zero values of x:

Constants in MKS units:

speed of light: c = *let c=299792458 *write c web.4 m/s *hide c e14.8

Planck's constant: h = *let h=6.6260755e-34 *hide h e14.8 *write h web.4 J·s

Planck's constant divided by 2 pi: hbar = *let hbar=h/(2*pi) *write hbar web.4 J·s *hide h e14.8

Charge on a proton: e = *let e=1.60217733e-19 *hide e e14.8 *write e web.4 C   esu = *let esu=4.8032068e-10 *hide esu e14.8 *write esu web.4

Conversion constant: hbar*c/e = *write hbar*c/e*1e9 web.4 MeV·fm

Electron mass: me and me2 = *let me=9.1093897e-31 *write me web.4 kg or *hide me e14.8 *let me2=.51099906 *write me2 web.4 MeV/c2 *hide me2 e14.8

Proton mass: mp and mp2 = *let mp=1.6726231e-27 *write mp web.4 kg or *hide mp e14.8 *let mp2=938.27231 *write mp2 web.4 MeV/c2 or *hide mp2 e14.8

permittivity of free space: epsilon0 = *let epsilon0=8.854187817e-12 *write epsilon0 web.4 F/m *hide epsilon0 e14.8

permeability of free space: mu0 = *let mu0=4*pi*1e-7 *write mu0 web.4 N/A2 *hide mu0 e14.8

fine structure constant: alpha = *let alpha=1/137.0359895 *write alpha web.4 *hide alpha e14.8

Bohr radius: a = *let a=.529177249e-10 *write a web.4 m *hide a e14.8

Rydberg energy: Ry and Ry2 = *let ry2=13.6056981 *let ry=ry2*e *write ry web.4 J or *write ry2 web.4 eV *hide ry e14.8 *hide ry2 e14.8

Newton's gravitational constant: Gn = *let gn=6.67259e-11 *write gn web.4 m3·kg-1·s-2 *hide gn e14.8

acceleration of gravity: g = *let g=9.80665+0 *write g web.4 m/s2 *hide g e14.8

Avogradro's constant: Na = *let na=6.0221367e23 *write na web.4 *hide na e14.8

Boltzmann's constant: Kb = *let kb=1.380658e-23 *write kb web.4 J/K *hide kb e14.8

Wein's displacement law constant: b = *let b=2.897756e-3 *write b web.4 m·K *hide b e14.8

Stefan-Boltzmann constant: sigma = *let sigma=5.67051e-8 *write sigma web.4 W·m-2·K-4

parsec: pc = *let pc=3.0856775807e16 *write pc web.4 m *hide pc e14.8

Astronomical unit: AU = *let au=1.4959787066e11 *write au web.4 m *hide au e14.8

mass of Sun: Msun = *let msun=1.98892e30 *write msun web.4 kg *hide msun e14.8

radius of Sun: Rsun = *let rsun=6.96e8 *write rsun web.4 m *hide rsun e14.8

Solar luminosity: Lsun = *let lsun=3.846e26 *write lsun web.4 W *hide lsun e14.8

mass of Earth: Mearth = *let mearth=5.97370e24 *write mearth web.4 kg *hide mearth e14.8

radius of Earth: Rearth = *let rearth=6.37814e6 *write rearth web.4 m *hide rearth e14.8

quantized hall "resistance": h/e^2= *write h/e/e web.4 Ohm

frequency of 1eV photon: e/h= *write e/h web.4 Hz

wavelength of 1eV photon: h*c/e= *write h*c/e web.4 m

Temperature for kT = 1 eV: e/kb= *write e/kb web.4 K

1 eV per molecule = Na*e/4184 = * write Na*e/(4184) web.4 kcal/mole

standard pressure: atm= *let atm=1.01325e5 *write atm web.4 N/m2 *hide atm e14.8

gas constant: R = Na*kb = *let R=Na*kb *write R web.4 J *hide R e14.8