A Web Version of the Unit T Six Ideas Program StatMech

NA= Total U=

Max Rows=

Instructions: This program constructs the kind of macropartition tables discussed in chapter T4 and T5 in Unit T of the "Six Ideas That Shaped Physics" text. This program lists all available ways of partitioning energy between two Einstein solids and calculates the multiplicity and probability of each of these macropartitions. NA is the number of atoms (or 1d osicllators if you so choose) in the first Einstein solid; NB is the number in the second Einstein solid. U is the total energy (in units of the oscillators energy step) to be distributed between the two solids. (Note: all entries must be whole numbers.) If the number of macropartitions exceeds the maximum number of rows specified (in "Max Rows") the program will group sets of macropartitions into "bins": each line of the table then summarizes the properties of one such set. This program will handle large numbers of atoms but runs more and more slowly as the number of energy units increases. When the total number of states approaches 1E1500000, this on-line program directs you to a command-line version of the program that runs under Linux. Note: numbers that are too large to display in the table show as **Too Big**; numbers that are too small to display show as **TINY**. To download an official Mac or Windoze version of this program follow this link