Compare: SC1 & Sky Maps p.2

Below find a sky map for CSB/SJU on November 20 at about 8 pm and an SC001. The meridian is the blue line that runs through zenith (labeled with a Z) and the north and south points of the horizon; the horizon is in red.

I've marked various constellations on both the SC001 and the sky map. The "Great Square" of Pegasus, circled in purple, is near the meridian. The "Big Smile" of Capricornus, circled in orange, is in the SW. The "Keystone" of Hercules, circled in cyan, is in the NW. To the east of the meridian find Perseus circled in gray. In green Orion is rising in the east. Of the main "hour glass" stars of Orion only Saiph has yet to rise.

Three hours later the sky has rotated:

Hercules and Capricornus have set. Perseus is now near zenith while Pegasus has rotated to the west. Orion is now fully above the horizon. Notice that on the SC001 the horizon shifts to the left one hour of RA for each hour of time.

Three additional hours later the sky has rotated more:

Hercules and Capricornus are still below the horizon, but Hercules is poised to rise in the NE. Pegasus sits above the western horizon, about to set. Perseus is now west of zenith while Orion is just a bit west of the meridian.