Moon Quiz 1

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Answer the following question by clicking on the below boxes and selecting the the single best response. The answer that shows is the answer you have selected. For 1 point, in the below example, select: Other. When you have completed the quiz click on the above "hand in quiz" button.



The below picture shows the Sun setting in the "west". Of course, since it's not an equinox, the Sun isn't on the celestial equator and hence isn't setting exactly due west. The Sun is on the ecliptic. Denoted with red arrows are possible locations for the Moon (also near the ecliptic). You are (in part) to report what phase the Moon would have (as viewed by the stick figure) if it were at each of those four possible locations.

The Sun is setting:

The approximate date is:

Select Phase for Moon #1:

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Select Phase for Moon #4:

The above picture shows an SC001 star map with labels as various positions. For each of the below select the label on the SC001 that best matches the postion of the named object from the first picture.

The Sun's position:

The Moon #2 position:

The Moon #4 position: