Paperless Physics Passwords

Sometimes we will want to keep certain course materials private (e.g., for reasons of copyright) or we will want to identify who is reading/submitting the web material. On those occasions we will put the materials on the password protected part of our Web. In order to get access to those materials Netscape will prompt you for a User ID (or username) and a Password. For example if the student the university thinks is:
Kirkman, Thomas William        Social Security Number= 505291833
wants to log in through Netscape, he should enter:

Enter username for PaperlessUsers at

User ID:


Notice that the student User ID is made up of the student's first inital combined with lastname; all typed in in lowercase letters with no spaces.

Notice that the Password the student entered is not displayed. In fact the password is the last four digits of the Social Security Number, i.e., 1833

Instructors (in contrast to students) should use the User ID and password needed to get on ELVIS.